A daughter’s worth

 So, I have a confession to make. There is a certain vice that I possess that I am not entirely proud of, but it is there nonetheless. I, Jacob Tucker, being of sound mind and body, am addicted to….

The Bachelor.

There, I said it. Whooo! That feels better! I say every year that I’m not watching it, but by the time we get to the end of the first episode, I’ve already done my predictions and done my fair share of yelling at the Bachelor and Bachelorette. 

Tonight was the “Women Tell All” edition of the show and I noticed a few things. Well, I noticed them during the season, but this really made what I noticed even more prevalent. I’ll get to that in a second though. 

The girls bickered and griped at one another, defending their witchy and treacherous actions throughout “the competition” for Mr. Ben Higgins’ attention. As they began to hear more explanations from the more controversial women of the show, the bickering slowed and gave way to more forgiving faces. Some explanations were more genuine, Jubilee, and others were a little forced and unbelievable, Olivia.

But what piqued my interest came during Jubilee’s interview. She said that she became “caught up in the reality but not reality of it (the show.)” She went on to say that the feelings are all real that they experience, but the not so real part of it was that 27 other girls were feeling the same things and vying for the attention of one man. 

The feelings are what really hit me while watching this show. I can’t imagine having to do something like that. But the feelings…gosh. 

You see, those feelings and drama that we all tune in weekly to see, are real. The hurt and rejection is real. That was evident by just looking at poor Chaila’s face while watching her “highlights,” some of which she hadn’t seen yet. 

All that being said, we venture back to the title of this little diddy, A daughter’s worth. These ladies leave the show learning things about themselves and feeling things that should never be seen by a few million people. Some leave saying that they feel unloveable and worthless, like they have nothing to offer anyone. But your worth should not be measured by how much a man on a reality show “loves” you or pays attention to you. He’s making out with 20+ chicks…come on!

Like Jubilee said, that portion is not real at all. As far as I’m concerned, Lace had it right. You’ve got to learn to love yourself. Love who you are and who you were made to be. Then you might be able to share that love. 

I am reminded of a section in Luke 12:22-32 where Jesus is talking about your worth to God. He just laments on how much you mean to Him and if God puts care into flowers people won’t even see, don’t you think He cares more for you? Go check it out for yourself!

One day, these ladies will catch that. I just pray that more people begin to teach their daughters how much they are worth, rather than send them to a reality show to find out. My daughter will know that she is worth more than the finest gold or precious stones. She’s valued higher than any political office and beloved more than any Hollywod celebrity. 

My little girl will know that she is a daughter of the Most High and no mortal person can tell her how much she is worth. Because, in His eyes, even if she were the only one, she would still be worth it all. 

Comments and whatnot are appreciated, as always. Y’all be safe out there. 

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