The trust fall

The other night, Little Girl was throwing a bit of a fit. She was experiencing a little tiredness from an eventful day. 

At one point, she was standing in one the dining chairs as we talked with a friend. She jumped and cried and really didn’t know what she wanted. Finally, she looked at me and just fell forward. I of course caught her, but the shock on her face said it all. LG was glad I caught her. 

I thought for a second, this was not the first time she had put her trust in her daddy. Her first swing on her swing set, her first trip by herself down the slide. She knew she was safe because I was pushing or there to catch her at the bottom. So when she did her “trust fall” that night, LG knew her daddy was gonna be there. 

Trust is something that is built. In LG’s case, she had done some things in the past where her daddy and momma had rescued her and she knows that we are gonna be right there. She trusts her folks at the ripe old age of 23mos. 

But getting back to trust. You build it with one another. In all relationships there is a level of trust there. If one lies to another, that trust is broken and you go right back to the beginning to build it back up. Or sometimes, that trust is forever broken and can never be mended. I know all of this goes back to last week’s post regarding our flaws, but let’s look from a different angle. 

What really got me when LG fell into my arms was the look on her face. It was sheer panic at the beginning of the fall. Like, “Oh crap, what have I done?!?” Then when she landed, relief flooded her face. She knew I would catch her, but there was still a slight bit of fear. Isn’t that what it’s like when we step out and put our trust in God? 

Maybe you’re following God’s leading and going to another job or you are being nudged out of your comfort zone to go pray for someone at the grocery store. Whatever it is, if God is leading, why not take the leap? You’ll have that moment of fear where it feels like you’re going to fall and fail. But in that exact moment, you fall into the arms of Abba, Daddy God. 

That trust is what propels us forward in our walk with Him. Each moment that we learn to trust Him, the better our relationship becomes. The clearer His voice becomes. As you hear him more clearly, you begin to exemplify Him in your every day life. Read this.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:3-4

We need to have the faith and trust of a child all over again if we want to fully trust in Him. Believe that He’s not gonna let you down. Know that He will guide your path (Proverbs 3:5-6.) Just TRUST HIM! 

Currently, we are entering a time of new beginnings. Let’s use this time to renew ourselves in Him. If you are having a hard time trusting God, let me tell ya, He’s got your best interests at heart. He wants you to succeed. He wants you to “lean not on your own understanding” and to trust Him.  

If you have been feeling a tug to go pray for that person, do it! Or if God has put it on your heart to reach out to a new couple in church, go for it! You may think, “That’s just weird!” But what if it’s God? What if that person who you’ve been prompted to pray for has been sick or going through absolute chaos and they get to see God through you? Or if that couple is lonely and having just a rough time and there you are. 

Just trust that Daddy God is gonna be right there to catch you right as you leap out of your comfort zone! Let me tell ya, it’ll be well worth it. 

As always, shares and comments are appreciated. Thanks for the read! Y’all be safe out there.

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